Innovation in the Time of Covid-19



Wednesday, May 6th

10AM – 1PM PST,
12PM – 3pm CST

This 3-hour session will explore innovative opportunity for community good in this time of social distancing.  There will be stories of national responses, space for idea generation, and resources shared.  Our work is to centralize the leadership that represent the communities most impacted.  Black and brown people are disproportionately negatively impacted both medically and economically.  We need creative, collaborative, and liberative responses that build power and capacity in equitable ways.  Come be inspired and resourced.



Leroy Barber has dedicated 30 years to eradicating poverty, confronting homelessness, restoring local neighborhoods, healing racism, and living what Dr. King called “the beloved community.”

Leroy is the Co-Founder of the Voices Project and Adjunct professor at Kilns College and Multnomah University. Rev. Barber is on the boards of, The Simple Way, Missio Alliance, The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), and the Former Board Chair of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA).

He is the author of four books:

  • New Neighbor: An Invitation to Join Beloved Community (2008, Mission Year)
  • Everyday Missions: How Ordinary People Can Change the World (2012, Intervarsity Press)
  • Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White: Who’s More Precious In His Sight? (with Velma Maia Thomas, 2014, Faith Words/Hachette Book Group)
  • Embrace: God’s Radical Shalom For A Divided World (2016, Intervarsity Press)


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