Practicing Presence in Neglected Neighborhoods


May 12th and May 19th

  • 4pm- 7pm PST
  • 6pm-9pm CST
  • 7pm-10pm EST

This class will outline seven practices for engaging community and will challenge students and church leaders to rediscover that loving our neighbors means loving our neighborhoods. Unpacking the themes of Jeremiah 29, Jonathan Brooks shows how Christians can be fully present in local communities, building homes and planting gardens for the common good. His holistic vision and practical work offers good news for forgotten people and places. And community stakeholders and civic leaders will rediscover that churches are viable partners in community transformation in ways that they may never have considered.

Text – Church Forsaken



Jonathan Brooks serves as Senior Pastor of Canaan Community Church in the West Englewood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. As a firm believer in investing in the community you grew up in, Jonathan has a deep desire to impress this virtue on his congregation and community. Canaan provides youth development, holistic health options, college scholarships, art and music training and re-entry programming.

Pastah J, as he is affectionately called, is a sought after speaker, writer and artist. He has contributed to numerous blogs, articles and books and just released his first book titled “Church Forsaken: Practicing Presence in Neglected Neighborhoods.”

Jonathan and his wife, Micheal, have two beautiful girls, Jasmine and Jade, and reside in West Englewood just a few steps away from the church campus.


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