Faith Rooted Community Organizing



June 4th, June 11th

4pm- 7pm PST
6pm-9pm CST
7pm-10pm EST

With so many injustices, small and great, across the world and right at our doorstep, what are people of faith to do? Since the 1930s, organizing movements for social justice in the U.S. have largely been built on assumptions that are secular origin―such as reliance on self-interest and having a common enemy as a motivator for change. But what if Christians were to shape their organizing around the implications of the truth that God is real and Jesus is risen? This class will outline a model of social action that is rooted in the values and convictions born of faith. We will pay particular attention to the changes in faith-based community development and community organizing initiatives as a result of COVID, reviewing best practices.



Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra is the co-author of Faith-Rooted Organizing: Mobilizing the Church in Service to the World.  She currently serves as an Assistant Professor for the School of Intercultural Studies and the Centro Latino at Fuller Theological Seminary as well as helping to lead an evangelical and ecumenical partnership of immigrant and non-immigrant churches for asylum seekers in Southern California. She is a Lutheran Pastor with over 35 years of experience in community ministry, including church-based service and community development programs, congregational and community organizing, and legislative advocacy.   She acts as a consultant (training, facilitating, organizing and leading strategic planning) for a variety of national/international organizations, including World Vision USA/World Vision International/Women of Vision, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and the Christian Community Development Association.  She has been a national leader in the areas of working poverty and immigration for over 20 years, including the co-founding of the national Evangelical Immigration Table (a very broad coalition of evangelical leaders and institutions advocating for immigration reform.).


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